These are resources that other parents with mentally ill children may find useful....

Crazy Meds
A great source for info about medications, in layman's terms.
This website has an easy to use drug interaction checker.
The Balanced Mind Foundation
These guys are great.  Accurate info, support groups, numerous forums to ask questions on.
The Jani Foundation
This is the facebook page for the Jani Foundation, which is ran by Michael and Susan Schofield.  If you have a mentally ill child, and you need help (pretty much of any variety-anything from financial help to a recommendation for a pdoc, to emotional support, pretty much anything)  GO HERE!!!
Support Group for Parents with Special Needs Children
I am the administrator of this support group.  It is facebook based, so you will need to be a member of facebook to join.  If you have a child with any type of disability-physical or mental-or you would be willing to support parents who do, please join us.  This is a closed group, so all posts stay within the group, and I strictly enforce confidentiality.